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Robert Pattinson 20in20 Icon Challenge
♔ welcome
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  • This is an icon challenge community focusing on Robert Pattinson
  • To participate in the monthly challenge, you must join the community to be given posting access. If you don't wish to participate, you are more than welcome to watch the comm and participate in the voting at the end of a round. 
  • Please only sign up if you're serious about finishing. Otherwise, you might be preventing someone from getting the chance to participate. If you cannot finish your set, please leave a comment in the current round's rules and info post. Participant numbers may be adjusted based on interest.
  • All the icons have to be specially made for the current round, unless otherwise specified. Please don't post icons made for other challenges or previously posted icons. 
  • When posting icons, please only leave 3 icons visible as a teaser and place the rest under a cut or in a post in your own community. A HTML table for both options will be provided in the respective round's info post.
  • The icons must be in a public post until the round is finished. You can encourage people to join/watch your journal or community, but locked entries will not be considered for voting. 
  • Please base your voting on the icons quality and not other preference. You are highly encouraged to leave comments on participants' posts throughout the challenge. 
  • The icons must fit the livejournal standards - less than 40kB, 100x100px (or less), JPG/GIF/PNG format. No animation, unless required by the round's rules. 
  • If possible, please upload your icons to an anonymous site (not necessary, Photobucket is perfectly acceptable).
  • If you wish to affiliate with this comm, please leave a comment in this post. 
  • For theme suggestions, please go to this post (or add suggestions in any sign-up post). 
  • If you would like to help out as a banner-maker, leave a comment here or send a PM to jenmixelle 

Rules snagged and adjusted from [info]onlytext20in20
profile layout: dechanter at mintyapple